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The Future of North Carolina & Georgia Aerial Photography Industry

When it comes to producing major motion pictures and television shows, Hollywood usually comes to mind. However, since states started passing movie production incentives during the 1990s, production companies have received generous tax credits, cash rebates, grants and sales tax exemptions. The ability of film incentives to influence location decisions for filmmakers is undeniable. Two of those locations are in the Southeast, each with a different story – you could even call it “A Tale of Two Cities.”
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Helicopter vs Drone Aerial Filming: Pros and Cons

As a leader in aerial photography services for more than twenty years, Helivison is uniquely positioned to address the current industry question: Which is better for filming, helicopters or drones? Since we operate both, our definitive short answer is – it depends. Although Helivision began in 1995 using only a single helicopter, technology has changed and we have changed with it.
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